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Front head and intake runner installed.
Install intake runner in head.
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Install plenum o-rings.
Plenum installed
Torquing the head

     If you decide you need to change the base gaskets or cylinder studs without re-ringing the engine, you can do so by pulling the cylinder high enough so that you can get at the wrist pin locks with­out the rings coming out of the cylinder.

      CAUTION:      Be sure to insert clean shop towels into crankcase openings as soon as the spigot clears them to keep out dirt and other foreign material.

      Remove one wrist pin lock and care­fully remove wrist pin. The cylinder and piston can now be removed as an assembly. Push the piston back into the bore and set the cylinder aside until you are ready to assemble it.

Re-assemble the cylinder when you are ready by reversing procedure and using a new wrist pin lock. When cylin­ders are secure set up a dial indicator on the front piston and find top dead center. (1.D.C.) Set the indicator to read zero, then rotate the engine backward (clock­wise) until the piston is .248 inches deep in the cylinder. Remove the timing plug from the crankcase and stamp a new timing mark on the flywheel centered in the hole. Repeat the same procedure for the other cylinder. The new timing marks are not at 25. We installed a set of James head gaskets and a new set of 0-rings.

      Apply never seize to the threads of the two head bolts already installed in the head and start pulling them down until they just start on the dowels. Install the other two bolts and washers, making sure the washers are flat side down. Use an X-pattern and pull all four down until the head just touches the gasket. Re­peat the procedure on the other head. Put a spark plug in the hole but do not start to thread. It's just insurance to keep stuff out of the cylinders.

     Put 0-rings on the manifold runners and grease them with a good 0-ring lubricant. Pull evenly into intake ports. Install 0-rings on runner faces, again using a good lube and slide the plenum into place. Take care not to disturb the 0-rings. Once you are certain the plenum is positioned correctly and the 0-rings are in position, install snap rings that hold the plenum together.


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Snap ring installed
Snap ring installed


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