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     While at Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Florida, I rode south to see my friend Al Bulling who runs “The Last Resort Bar” in Port Orange and have a couple of cold ones.

     While I was there the place was invaded by a wild bunch of scooter riders. It was John Cloud and his crew from Har-Lee USA. It was COOL. They pulled in, backed up to the curb and dismounted, profiled and started to have fun.

     John builds these scooters called Har-Lee at his factory in West Palm Beach, Florida. They come assembled and ready to ride and have a 5.5 horse­power Tecumsech electric start engine, 4-gallon gas tank, chrome spoke wheels, a headlight and taillight and can be registered for road use. Hell, they just rode into the place liked they owned it.

     Of course for those like Al who always wants something different you can get ape hanger handlebars, floorboards, fishtail pipes, custom paint and all kinds of other things.

     The things had no sooner backed to the curb and the crowd started. There were females lined up to sit on and pose on them. These things drew more females than any other bikes I saw. Now, guys, if that is the only reason you ride this may be the hot deal for you.

     Of course Al took one for a ride, and we even put Big Gerry on one just to see if it would hold up.

     Let me tell you I had BIG FUN hanging out with these guys. OK, OK, the dollies they were pulling didn’t hurt either, and the beer was cold.

     If you want more information on these scoot­ers you can contact Har-Lee USA at 821 N. Mili­tary Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33415. Phone: 561-721-0920 or contact ROGUE at rogue@bikerrogue.com.




This article is from Biker Number 201 April 2002 an Easyriders magazine.

Photography by Rogue.



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