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You may recognize Rogue’s name by seeing it as a contributor to Paisano Publications for over the past 30-plus years. Yes, he does shoot pictures and do articles for us and you may have met him at an event somewhere ‘round the country.

Rogue’s daily job for the past 50 years has been working on and building motorcycles. The motorcycle pictured here is an assembled-out-of-parts custom that he constructed. He says it’s sorta like a modern day Swap Meet Special.

Actually, most of the parts that he used were acquired while working at a motorcycle manufacturing company.

Rogue made a deal with the owners to buy their used parts and items that were no longer being used in production. He used a lot of them, swapped some and sold others. The motorcycle you see here is the end result of all that.

Some of the parts went right on. Others had to be modified. But years of experience and knowing what parts could be mated helped. Having friends in the motorcycle business was also a plus. Some things are just not practical to do yourself, like polishing, powder coating, and chroming. Rogue has a problem operating a brush or spray can so Sonny Keeton came to the rescue for paint. Rogue’s son, Dale, did the machine shop work. Ron Lambert handled the flush-mounted tail and signal lights. Though Rogue has built many an engine himself he didn’t have what he needed at home to do the job, and besides that he says his friend Berry Wardlaw is a lot better at it. These are people that help each other all the time and they all have certain things going for them that they are really good at.

The only real problem was when the bike was finished and taken to the State of Florida to be inspected. When it came time to show where all the parts came from they FREAKED because the frame had no numbers on it. Well Duh,the frame was made and before it was issued numbers the company changed the frame’s design— so they weren’t going to issue numbers to a frame they weren’t going to use, Rogue had gotten a bill of sale for it that very clearly stated the frame was’ never issued numbers. The folks at the Motor Vehicle Department had a real hard time under­standing how that could happen. It took lot of paperwork from Quantum employees to explain and convince the DMV that frames were made and not stamped until they were actually ready to be used, They really freaked when they were informed that numerous other frames were also sold without serial numbers. An Assembled Out Of Parts title and registration was finally issued for the motorcycle. That took almost as long as it took to build the bike. The good side is that every­thing on the scoot is accounted for.

Rogue sent some metal to Sonny Keeton Custom Motorcycle in Texas that needed some paint. The instructions were to make the basic color black and maybe some kind of design on it about photography, and make some kind of tour pack. Hell, they’d been friends so long, Sonny knew what Rogue needed.

The primered parts that got Rogue to Texas from Florida were swapped for the freshly painted stuff, The homemade tour pack was built from another fender.

Shakin’ it down and finding out what’s going to work and what isn’t has left a minimum of things to change, repair or adjust. Not bad for a bunch of parts from the nonconforming area.

Rogue says to look for him at events. I don’t know about him, but the bike shouldn’t be too hard to spot.




This article is from Biker Number 205 October 2002 an Easyriders magazine.

Photography by Rogue.




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