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Owner: Rogue, Bridgeport, Conn. 90-cu,-in 1974 Shovelhead
Photos by Pete Chiodo
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Rogue is the owner—who cares what the bike looks like?

     How do you handle a bike feature about Connecticut’s Rogue? We could be sarcastic about the man and be fire-bombed. As much as I hate to write a serious-to-tears story at least I’ve got to tell it like it is.

     Ya see, Rogue isn’t your average, pasteurized, homogenized biker. ‘Course, now that I've squeezed that last comment outta my straining brain, I realize that I don’t know one damn average biker. Anyway, for sometime now, this man has been very important to motorcycling, And without listing his accomplishments one by one like a goddam resume, I’ll mention just a couple of high points. Like the time in second grade when he scored some stinkfinger from his teach—which will no doubt illustrate the massive assistance this individual has given our sport and the helmet fight.

     When Rogue first communicated with Easyriders, he was National President of the Huns and one of the concerned scooter people who helped organize the Connecticut Motorcycle Association, That was at least five years ago. Since then, he was instrumental in defeating the helmet law in Connecticut and he also helped other states that needed assistance in fighting unfair legislation. He has worked with ABATE and various motorcycling publications to back the fight for bikers’ rights. The freak also goes so far as to assist clubs in settling their differences And finally, his ol' lady says he’s a good fuck.

     Now have we kissed his ass or have we kissed his ass?





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