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Crazy Horse

Colors Motorcycle Magazine

Fall 1970

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John  Herlihy, 32 Years old, married, and employed as a heavy equipment mechanic in his home town of Bridgeport Conn., has been riding, for seventeen years. His first bike was a 500cc twin Triumph he rode in the fields until he was old enough to get a license. Even while in the service he had some kind of wheel. His next bike was a 74 chopper in a basket followed up by the “Crazy Horse” he now rides.
    John is secretary of the Huns M.C. Bpt. chapter and very active in club activities as well as those of the Connecticut Motor- cycle Association. He is involved in fighting a local ordinance prohibiting motorcycles from using the city parks and also working to get unity between the clubs in the area.
Last year he dumped while on his way to the clubhouse, riding with a group of his brothers. He was rushed to the hospital, put on the critical list and given last rites. The doctor did his thing though and the ornery bastard is still with us. The doctor said it would be two months in the hospital and six months out of work and no riding. Well this didn’t turn him on to much and he was out of the hospital and riding again in a little over a month. Although he had to have someone to start it for him. “I dig riding” he said and “I want to get on it and know my scooter is alright or what has to be done to fix it”. When asked, are you still going to ride after what happened, he’d reply, “if I can’t ride I might as well be dead. It’s in my heart and blood so I’ve got to do it”. Then winter came and the bike went off the road. Work began and in the spring the new “Crazy Horse” hit the road and he’s out there doing it now. “Crazy Horse” rides again.

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    Started out as a 1952 Harley Davidson EL and features 69 Harley CH front end completely chromed, extended 5” and a new stem made to fit 74 neck. Chromed steel fork covers. Steel CH racing spool laced to a 21” rim and a 300-21 tire. Handle bars fit operators arms buttons and switches in bars. Twin ciebe lights. Tachometer is dist. driven Handle on right of Tach. for spark retard.
    Rigid straight leg frame is stretched 61/2” just behind oil tank. Slugs are solid steel, stepped down. Gas tank and neck have been molded. Rear frame scoops by axle. Oil tank filters mounted on side for easy access. A spare gas tank was fitted into frame where it was extended. Gas is pumped from the rear tank to the top tank by air pressure from a small compressor mounted under the frame and activated by a button located on the frame with hand pump in case elec. pump fails. Two pet- cocks on the tank control gas flow. One to let gas from rear tank to top. The other to the S.U. carb off a Jaguar. Due to the frame extension new chain, guard and brake rod had to be made. Pearl naugahyde pleat and roll stitched seat, by Avenue Auto Interiors.
    Every part that wasn’t painted was plated by C & C Plating of Waterbury, Conn. Notice those little extra touches like; gas cap in the shape of a surfers cross, lever and small piston on clutch booster in case of cable failure, chromed elec. horn and oil gauge between heads and carb. A front end stop was screwed into the neck to absorb the shock of stock stops. Paint is a custom blend of purple candy sprayed over a pearl base. Panels and scales are a combo. of blue, green, white & black and panels shot ftrough lace and done by Richie “Oats” Kiesler of the BPT. Huns.
    Engine is a 61 C.I. with lower end lightened and balanced. 74 rods. 60 over 10 to 1. 74 jugs. Late model heads with valve work. Cam and solid lifters. And S.U. Carb. All new parts used and engine is extra healthy. Ma- chine has taken almost three years to finish, with it being run every year until the snow comes then off the road for the winter and worked on. Estimated value is $5,000.00 and a lot of love— sweat blood, and help from friends like Froggie Louie Louis—and brother Huns.

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