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 I had a great time at Biketoberfest. Not surprised, huh? Rogue always has fun and a good time. Well, this time it was for a different reason. It was partly for what I didnít do. I didnít go downtown, do Main or Beach Street, didnít do The Ormond Strip. Iíve been there and done that so many times I needed a break. I needed to lay back, relax and have a good time. I just wasnít in the mood to put up with the price gouging, gridlock traffic and the places that become biker bars during Bike Week and Biketoberfest.

I rode in on Thursday morning to my friends Buddy and Kathyís place in South Daytona Doris got everything set up while I was busy checking my cameras and having a cold one. I made some phone calls, letting people know I was there and had another beer. My friendís daughter, Donna, was performing a wedding at Highlanders, and bribed me with a BIG bottle of Jack Daniels to go and take some pictures. I met some great people, had a good time, got some good pictures and had my liquor. Things were looking up.

The plan was to stay in the South Daytona and Port Orange area and visit places along US-I (S. Ridgewood Ave.). There are fewer traffic jams, the cops got a better attitude and the businesses generally cater to bikers all year long.

There were so many places, so little time. I did my best, though. I went to some of the regular places I stop in and also checked out The Black Hills Saloon, which is under new ownership. It is where the old Willís Honkytonk was at 5005 S. Ridgewood in Port Orange. I liked the place.

Of course, I needed to stop in and see my friend Al who owns The Last Resort Bar at 5812 S. Ridgewood, also in Port Orange. They held the 01í Skool Hardcore Chopper Show there. Billy Lane from Choppers, Inc., in Melbourne, was judging the show, and when he showed up a lot of the women we know started funning with him. ďOh Billy, Oh Billy, sign my shirt.Ē ďOh BillyĒó like groupies. He looked at them funny and went along with the game. There were a lot of people I know there, and I also got to meet a few new ones.

I really had a good time. I hope you did, too.





This article is from Biker Number 222 September 2004 an Easyriders magazine.

Photography by Rogue.




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