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Daytona Beach Bike Week has grown over the years to a reported 650,000 participants and has spilled out to the surrounding areas with reports of bikers being as far north as Jacksonville, west to Orlando and south to Melbourne, and with that comes new events and places to party.

Biker’s Paradise is one of those new places and it is southwest of Daytona Beach in New Smyrna. Actually, it’s held at the New Smyrna Speedway on Rt. 44 at Rt. 415, and that makes it easy to find and get to. It’s run by Danny and Janet Caporale and their staff and they want it to be the action place for all bikers and I believe they are working hard towards that goal. Their mission is to provide a quality area of entertainment, involve the community, and safeguard Bike Week. The fact is, since they’re not in the county they are not subject to all the new Bike Week rules you’ve been hearing about in Daytona Beach.

There was a full schedule of events daily that included bands, The Purrfect Angels dance team, the Angel Search contest, spaghetti wrestling, wet T-shirt contest, stunt shows, bar stool, outhouse, and drag racing, bike shows, and vendors. There was always plenty to see and do.

The only problem was the weather, and no one had control over the heavy rains all around Daytona and that did limit some outside activity for all the events in the area.

When I arrived, the first thing that happened was I got lei’d by the Naughty Angel—I do like them tall redheads. Then it was off to have a few beers and get to work taking pictures.

A big part of Biker’s Paradise is the Angels and the yearly search for new ones. The contest is designed to find young women that can entice bikers to follow them to Biker’s Paradise but not by crude or raw gestures. The winner gets a $1,000 minimum package and will appear at a minimum of two major events like Laconia, Sturgis, or Myrtle Beach, as well as work at 2003 Biketoberfest (paid). Now this is something to consider.

I was in time to watch the Purrfect Angels dance team, which is different from the Paradise Angels, and when no one else from the audience would get up on stage with them, I was drafted. Oh, the things I do to get a story. Hell yeah, I had a good time. I go to these events to have a good time and let you know what’s available to you.

There are numerous places that have some sort of wrestling for women and the Paradise was no exception. They use spaghetti and plenty of oil. It was a real crowd-pleaser and the girls even got some dude in there and did a number on him. He lost but it looked like he had a fun time doing it.

Of course the big hit was the wet T-shirt contest and as far as I know it was the only one that that the women actually took their shirts off at and were allowed to do so because of local ordinances and the Paradise being a private party. They were saying, “Show Your Tits in Daytona Beach—pay $160, show your tits at Biker’s Paradise—win money.”

These events are not easy to put on and take a lot of work, preparation, and money, and are subject to things like the weather that the promoter has no control over. As a matter of fact, one of the storms went through Biker’s Paradise Friday evening, tearing down tents and damaging the stage so bad that the rest of the evening’s and Saturday’s activities had to be canceled.

I think that the promoters and their staff did one helluva job and put on a bang-up event. I for one will be a regular there in the future.

For more information on future events visit www.daytonabikersparadise.com or e-mail jcaporale@cfl.rr.com. For event coverage or information about this event you can also contact rogue@bikerrogue.com.




This article is from Biker Number 214 October 2003 an Easyriders magazine.

Photography by Rogue.




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