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This is Rev. John Herlihy

    The Rev. John Herlihy is a man who has ideals, and does whatever it takes to make them become reality. Known as Rogue by many of his brothers, John was born in Connecticut 41 years ago, and has since made life a lot easier for bikers all over America.
    For ten years Rogue rode with the Huns out of Bridgeport, and spent his last four years with the club as the International President. He had to retire from the Huns when his activities with the Connecticut Motorcycle Association, the Connecticut Motorcycle Rights Association (which he founded), and ABATE of Connecticut (which he also founded) started to take up too much of his time.
    It is his work with these associations that brought him into the national limelight back in 1975, when he and some of his co-workers convinced Congressman Stewart McKinney to introduce a bill into the Senate that would eventually overturn the National Mandatory Helmet Regulation.
    Rogue was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for ABATE when ft was first decided to go national and has 
served as advisor to that board since its inception.
    He is still fighting to keep the highways free for bikers, but now he does It out of his new bike shop called Space Coast Custom Distributors in Melbourne, Florida. He moved there to get into the better riding weather.
    When he’s not busy fighting the bureaucrats or running his business, Rogue will be out on the road, where he goes puttin’ whenever possible. He and his 01’ lady Beep, who is his back-up, companion and secretary, besides being a fox of the first order, cover much of the eastern part of the country on pleasure rides.
    The Reverend part of his name was added a few years ago when he was ordained as a minister and started the Bikers Church in Connecticut. Since then other Biker Churches have popped up in Pennsylvania, Virginia and California. Rogue wrote many articles on this idea, showing bikers how to take advantage of the tax and legal powers of the church. While he was President of the Huns they managed to get a tax-free exemption on their clubhouses in 
Connecticut and even held services, sometimes called meetings. It was a great idea that is still being used today:
He does not take the Reverend portion of his name lightly, and has helped many bikers obtain their credentials also. He makes visits to the local prisons, where his credentials get him in to see folks who are not allowed visitors, since they cannot be denied a visit by their priest.
    Aside from all of these activities, John found time to help start a magazine a few years back that was called “Colors” and was for the outlaw biker. He saw that the “outlaw” was one of the last vestiges of freedom, and has done all in his power to help keep it that way. He is also a regular contributor to Easyriders Magazine and to CHOPPERS.
    Yes, there are very few men on this earth who are willing to get involved to keep motorcycling free, and who have the ideals and guts to back It up. The Rev. John Herlihy, better known as Rogue, is one of these men, and I am proud to call him brother.

Bob Bitchin


This article is from Choppers
April 1979





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