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Contributing Pervert

    Bob Bitchin described this 23-year contributor as “A most together dude,” way the fuck back when he was the man of men in a certain private social club. The name “Rev.” Rogue is actually a little more accurate, as he also holds a clerical title in the Bikers Church.

    The rag has benefited greatly from Rogue’s presence, ‘cause over the years, he’s brought back the tales and photo proof verifying that bikers are in fact still the wildest bunch of whiskey-fed muthafuckers this side of a Marine battalion on leave. The anti-helmet fight has profited from Rogue’s efforts as well, and you youngsters out there best never forget that Rogue and men of his cut are the reason Connecticut rides free. They took on the shit back when encounters with the man were far more hazardous to your health than they are today.

    When Rogue moved to Florida, he continued that fight, and the legislative wall will probably only be able to take so much of a beating anyway. He still has plenty of fight in him, too. Just ask anal Uncle Sam, who recently made the tax-payer dollar spending error of trying to nail Rogue on bullshit weapons and RICO act violations.

    They wanted him to plead guilty; his reply was basically, “I plead fuck you.” It cost some probation and about five grand that he surely could’ve spent better toward a party but damn it, the man rides free once again. A most together dude.  

Tenth Anniversary Biker Magazine
Number 150 September 1997





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