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There are numerous motorcycle-related sites on the Internet and one of them is Harley-Davidson Dew Drop Inn. It has no affiliation to the factory other than the people that go there are Harley motorcycle riders and their friends.

The site has been around for some time and members have become friends through the years, though many of them have never actually met. Well, what better time than H-D’s 100th Anniversary to meet.

Dizzy and Rider got it started and plans had been in the making for over a year after one of the members, Dremin, who lives in Brookfield (just outside Milwaukee), invited people to stay at her place. I am very happy to say I was one of those people. I also got to bring my blood-brother, Bill, and other brothers, Berry Wardlaw and Jon of Accurate Engineering in Dothan, Alabama. You know them as the engine building guys.

People there were from all over the country. California, Ohio, Texas, Georgia Illinois, Oregon, Florida, Alabama, and Iowa, that I am aware of, but there could have been other states represented. There were also three people from Alta, Norway—Half rid, Raymond and Paul. The club they belong to is named Bunkers, and they say it is the most northern club in the world.

Dremin’s was a wonderful place with plenty of camping space. The liquor store was only two buildings away, shopping, food and Hal’s Harley were all within minutes. The Lake Front and the Riders Ranch were 15-minutes away and the State Fair Park only 10. Every thing was real easy to get to from this location.

We were sitting out back having some cold ones when Berry and Jon pulled in. Berry said he could use a cold beer and some pussy so they gave him a beer and got out the blow up doll for him. He thought that was funny and it started a chain of events that was interesting, to say the least. That’s when I let him know I had volunteered him for some of the cooking. He liked that idea also, as the boy “sho nuff do know how to do vittles” (daz hows they sez it in ‘Bama).

There was so much to do and see in the area that people went in small groups to things that interested them. We would end up back at Dremin’s with stories of what our day had been like. There was always plenty of food, beer and all kinds of liquor. Of course the fun continued throughout the night. Some titties were flashed and the doll came out again.

I’m not exactly sure how the following went, but it had to do with Berry and sex, the doll not being what he wanted. The sex could include Dremin, but she wasn’t giving it up without being married. Well, there were a few ministers there and a wedding was planned for the next evening.

The doll went to the garage and Berry and Dremin got married for 24 or 48 hours, I’m not real sure of the exact amount of time, but you get the idea. Of course there was some more partyin’. Hell, that’s what went on pretty much the whole time we were there: ride, party, go somewhere else, party some more, ride. . . it was wonderful.

I met Puff and she shared her Gentleman Jack with me and Jeff and I killed a big bottle of Jack Daniels one night. He came back a few days later and we did some more.

Michelle lives in the area and was a good tour guide, she makes great Jello-shots and has nice titties. Not to be out done Hotsy showed what she had. Oh yeah!

I got to meet Turtle, Treefrog and Randy, Doug, Regina and Dean, Dieter and Irene, Dennis and Ester, Filthy, Robin, Crazyhorse, HD Artist, SQ, and an old brother “Lost” and some of his friends stopped by. I may have missed a few names, but hey, I was drinkin’.

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This article is from Biker Number 216 January 2004 an Easyriders magazine.

Photography by Rogue.





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